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  • BiologybyKatie on YouTube!!

    Alongside my daily diagrams on instagram, I have decided to set up a YouTube channel (search biologybykatie). The purpose of this extra channel will be to deliver a stream of explanatory videos alongside annotated diagrams and drawings. I will be recording voiceover's to explain the content of each of the videos as it progresses. The aim of this channel is to allow me to reach out and help even more of you out there. There are thousands of biology students who learn by watching videos and listening to explanations at their own pace (YouTube allows you to watch videos on reduced speed!). Making these videos will enable me to appeal to those who don't want or need 1-2-1 tutoring, but enjoy watching content videos to broaden their understanding. I hope you all enjoy the videos, please like & subscribe & leave any requests in the comments!


    For most today, it’s back to school for the final few weeks before the Christmas break. For anyone in year 10 or above, unfortunately this means those dreaded January mock exams are just around the corner. Although your mock exams are ‘just’ practice, they are extremely important. They will ultimately determine the predicted grade that you will be given to prove your potential in college/ UCAS applications. Mock exams also help to identify any areas/ topics that you need to work on ahead of the real thing. Fortunately, there are 10 weeks between now and mock exam season. 10 weeks worth of self-paced and directed learning could be the difference between higher predicted grades come January. The benefits of private tuition, especially ahead of important assessments: - one to one attention in every lesson - bespoke content delivery to focus on areas of weakness - improve revision and learning tactics for maximum success - solidify exam technique to achieve maximum marks - increase in confidence and self-esteem Whether you are a student or a parent, now is the time to start thinking about mock exams. I have a few weekday evening slots remaining for A-level biology or GCSE science (biology/ chemistry/ physics). Please get in touch via Facebook message directly, email ( or visit my website


    🎨THE pH SCALE🎨 is something that we often use to describe solutions but do you actually know what the pH scale MEANS? This post is much more chemistry than it is biology, but we use the pH scale and talk about the effect of pH on reactions so often in biology that it’s really important to know what we are actually talking about. So… The pH scale is a measurement of the concentration of H+ ions (also referred to as protons) that are present in a solution. To calculate the pH of any given solution, we use the equilibrium of water ionisation (where water molecules split into ions, the formula is 2H2O(l) <=> H3O+(aq) + OH-(aq)) suggesting that water splits into equal parts hydrogen ions and hydroxide ions = neutral. This reaction at equilibrium is given a special value called the ionisation constant of water (Kw). The value of this constant at 25°C (room temperature) is 1.0 x 10^-14, where h3O+ concentration is 1.0x10^-7 and OH- concentration is also 1.0x10^-7. The concentrations are equal and therefore this solution(water) is NEUTRAL pH=7. So, to determine the pH of other solutions, we measure the concentration H+ ions. The relationship between H+ ions and pH value is this equation: -log10[H+]. Therefore, if the value of H+ ion concentration is 1.0x10^-3, the pH value is 3 and the solution is acidic. If the H+ ion concentration is 1.0x10^-12, the pH value is 12 and the solution is basic (alkaline). The opposing calculation is to determine concentration of OH- ions. This gives a pOH value instead of pH. The relationship between OH- concentration and pOH value is a similar equation: -log10[OH¯]. pH + pOH = 14. The higher the pH value, the stronger the base. The higher the pOH value, the stronger the acid. pH =1, pOH=13 (STRONG ACID) pH=2, pOH=12 (STRONG ACID) pH=3, pOH=11 (MEDIUM ACID) pH=4, pOH=10 (MEDIUM ACID) pH=5, pOH=9 (WEAK ACID) pH=6, pOH=8 (WEAK ACID) pH=7, pOH=7 (NEUTRAL SOLUTION) pH=8, pOH=6 (WEAK BASE) pH=9, pOH=5 (WEAK BASE) pH=10, pOH=4 (MEDIUM BASE) pH=11, pOH=3 (MEDIUM BASE) pH=12, pOH=2 (STRONG BASE) pH=13, pOH=1 (STRONG BASE)

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  • Subscriptions | Biology By Katie

    Choose your pricing plan Bronze Class Pass £ 137.50 137.50£ A 5 session class pass for A-Level students Valid for 3 months Select Silver Class Pass £ 250 250£ A 10 session class pass for A-Level students Valid for 6 months Select Gold Class Pass £ 450 450£ A 20 session class pass for A-Level students Valid for 12 months Select

  • Home | Biology By Katie

    Hello Welcome to my page Are you currently studying GCSE/ A-level biology and feel you would benefit from bespoke guidance? Do you have a child studying and want to help them reach their full academic potential? I can help! Take a look around my website and other social platforms linked below, then feel free to get in touch via the query box or by dropping me an email. I will get back to you within a few hours! About Me About Me My Story My own education journey was a varied and exciting one. I was brought up in Germany before moving to Borneo for five years. It was here, with the tropical rainforest on my doorstep that my interest and curiosity into the wonders of the natural world began. Whilst science was always my favourite, I had a passion for learning and honestly loved school. Fast forward ten years, and I’ve completed my A-levels and graduated from the university of Manchester with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences. What next? I got a post-graduate job in technical, but I always felt as though I was never indulging in biology as much as I wanted to. So, I started tutoring online in my spare time. I started with one student, which soon became five, which soon became ten. Before I knew it, I had established a large clientele that I was struggling to keep up with whilst working full time, but I’d found my passion, something I genuinely loved doing. I knew I had to give it a go, so here I am. After two years of part-time online tutoring and working for multiple international agencies, I’m going out on my own. I’m also starting an online university course in the summer to get my PGCE qualification. A little outside of work. I live in small village with my partner, Simon and our two year old son. We love taking walks in the countryside with our little pomeranian. We love taking holidays when we can, and time at home is spent watching netflix - usually cocomelon! I spend a lot of my time reading and creating new biology diagram content on my iPad, as well as keeping up to date with exam board information. I have helped many students up to now achieve grades they never thought possible, as well as improving confidence levels and nurturing a passion for biology. I am often praised by my clients for being friendly and relatable, allowing them to feel relaxed and assured during my sessions. I always have a quick chat to any potential clients to find out their learning style and aspirations, then I tailor sessions to meet specific needs. Get in touch if you want to know more! Book a Session! A-Level Biology Session Read More 1 hr 30 British pounds £30 Book Now GCSE Biology Session Read More 1 hr 25 British pounds £25 Book Now KS3 Science Session Read More 1 hr 25 British pounds £25 Book Now New Student Consultation Read More 15 min Free Free Book Now Contact Me Submit Thanks for submitting! Subscribe Form Join Thanks for subscribing!

  • Student Reviews | Biology By Katie

    Student Reviews Don't just take my word for it! Here are some of the things my past students have had to say about their tutoring experiences

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